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Featured Project – “West Fork Kenney Run”


Shoreline Erosion

From small residential properties to large scale remediation projects, the Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall is a easy to install scaleable solution to repair and prevent shoreline erosion. Here are some practical real time applications where Envirolok resolved shoreline erosion problems.

Battle Point Chicago River Columbia RiverHibbs-TraskLake Geneva Lake TomahawkNauman Oneset Island Sun PrairieSurby Walden

Stormwater Management

Managing stormwater is an engineering and design challenge. Severe storm events can damage slopes, erode topsoil and cause significant damage. Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall provides an environmentally friendly solution to manage stormwater.

Aldo Leopold Antique Shop  Bellevue  Evansville – Agrecol Office  Meadow Lane  Mill Creek  Sun Prairie  University of Central Florida  UW Madison – Lot 34  West Fork Kenney Run  Wheaton Sanitary District

Stream Restoration

Streambanks are vulnerable to erosion and damage. Storm events can erode the streambank and damage native ecosystems. Properties close to streambanks can face risk of structural damage.  The Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System can repair and protect vulnerable streambanks

Colombia River Nauman Soper Creek Sun Prairie Surby Wheaton Sanitary District

Slope Stabilization

Slopes are susceptible to erosion damage. Steep slopes are at greater risk. Eroded slopes can be a safety concern and also pose risk to the structural integrity of the slopes and surroundings. The Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall system can be scaled to provide structural stability to even the steepest of slopes.

Lake Wisconsin Battle Point Evansville – Agrecol Office  Growing Green Hibbs TraskJerome Park Kenilworth Lake Geneva  Lake Tomahawk  Lake Waubesa  Roswell  San Antonio  Soper CreekUnderwood

Ornamental Landscapes

Envirolok Vegetated Retaining Wall System can be adapted to create beautiful ornamental landscapes. This is a great environmentally friendly alternative to brick, stones and concrete. The system provides the dual function of erosion protection and ornamental landscaping.

Hansons Tenney Park  Underwood

Native Vegetated Mat

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