Envirolok Interviewed by Soil Erosion Magazine

The March/April 2013 issue of Soil Erosion and Hydroseeding magazine interviewed Envirolok for their article “What’s new in GREEN erosion control solutions?”. Rob Llewellyn, Director of Business Development was asked for his insights in response to the spotlight on compost socks and bags.

Envirolok stabilizes erodible soils by encapsulating the sediment. The concept is similar to a common form of soil stabilization called soil lifts. Both are generating a non-erodible soil encapsulation that is ultimately vegetated. However, Envirolok is a permanent system meant to last indefinitely, unlike biodegradable coir or coconut fiber blankets. By creating small lifts of soil of approximately 6”, Envirolok allows for more vegetative growth, while giving stability to the underlying soils through geogrid or earth anchoring when necessary.

We will update you with the link to the article when published.

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