Shoreline Erosion

Envirolok’s shoreline erosion control and restoration systems make it easy to integrate many different types of vegetation into your engineering and building plans. Our shoreline restoration systems are simple to install and can scale up to very large applications.

Shoreline Erosion Control and Restoration

Shoreline Shoreline ErosionOur patented system promotes the growth of vegetation with a strong, permanent, environmentally-friendly solution.

Installing native plants allows the roots systems to grow deep and lock together, allowing the entire system to grow even stronger over time.

Envirolok stabilizes underlying soils while creating a soil encapsulating barrier that reinforces vegetation and protects shoreline from further erosion. Our system also helps to restore your riverbank or shoreline to its original condition, while simultaneously stabilizing soil, promoting drainage and providing sustainable erosion control.

Erosion ControlScalable Erosion Control

Envirolok is highly scalable and is  ideal for private and public entities, national organizations, as well as federal, state and local municipalities needing solutions for larger projects such as bridge construction, reinforcing reservoirs,  streambank maintenance,  and an array of other waterway restoration projects.

Envirolok also protects historically sensitive property while preserving an aesthetically pleasing appearance by allowing select vegetation to establish without the pressure of invasive vegetation which dramatically improves wildlife habitat.

Unlike hard armor solutions such as rip rap and sheet piling, Envirolok’s living shorelines use advanced construction techniques and natural shoreline ecosystems to absorb wave energy reducing erosion on adjacent properties. Diverse, native vegetation grown into the Envirolok system creates a buffer zone, mitigating effects of lakeshore development and increasing water quality in our lakes, rivers and wetlands.

  • Easy to install
  • Adaptable on-site
  • Ideal for steep slopes and contours
  • Reduces long-term management