Slope Stability

Envirolok’s patented soil stabilization solutions allow for highly reinforced erosion control in areas with near vertical slopes in which minimized excavation and disturbance is required.

Slope Stability and Vegetative Soil Stabilization

Slope StabilitySlope Stability and Erosion Control

Combined with adequate structural engineering, the Envirolok system can be applied to near vertical slopes where a vegetated, plant based solution wouldn’t normally be applicable. The stacking and interlocking of the Envirolok bags provides even the steepest of slopes with enough structural integrity to support a surcharge from above.

Envirolok’s vegetated wall system reinforces eroding sites with a long term solution for preventing further erosion. Ideal for extremely steep applications, the Envirolok system can easily be integrated with any required additional structural engineering or site-specific construction applications.

Soil Stabilization on Lake Mendota Soil Stabilization

The non-woven bags used in the Envirolok system prevent sediment loss while simultaneously giving the native plants a healthy substrate for root establishment.  Maintenance is minimal with most projects only needing occasional weeding and removal of invasive non-native species.

Installations provide immediate erosion protection and with proper selection of native plants and grasses, the slope will be further reinforced as the rooting systems begin to grow.

Our distributors can work with you to find the best mix of engineering and erosion control to best match your application.

Vertical Slope Landscaping

Envirolok’s patented modular system and encapsulated structural soils allows for near vertical construction that can be contoured to the existing non-load bearing soils with the flexibility to adapt. Our systems also support native vegetation on manipulated slopes.