Stormwater Management

Damage caused by wind and water erosion in the U.S. is estimated at $44+ billion annually. Providing effective, long-term solutions for stormwater management projects is a primary application of the Envirolok system.

Stormwater Management and Drainage Systems

Drainage SystemsThe ecologically advanced Envirolok system provides a permanent vegetated erosion control solution for both small and large scale applications. Our stormwater management solutions are designed to effectively contain surface water flow while slowing water movement, effectively allowing sediment to drop out before it is discharged into our water bodies.

Our patented system provides immediate stabilization, erosion control, and a permanent, natural solution. The Envirolok system is highly adaptable to water or dry land sites and our experts can help select the best native plants for your application.

Envirolok’s encapsulated soil bags and spikes combined with the engineered strength of soil reinforcing materials, supply the strong connections needed for a long-term ecological stormwater management solution.

Drainage SystemsDrainage Systems

Native plants grown in to the Envirolok system help reduce the effect of flooding by increasing water absorbtion and infiltration deep into the soil profile. For applications with periodic flooding or poor drainage, the Envirolok system can be customized to properly allow drawn down of standing water as well as be structurally sound

The Envirolok system can easily be integrated with advance structural engineering for large scale public waterway projects along with commercial and agricultural applications.

Envirolok can also be used to repair undermining and washout situations where traditional brick and concrete systems cannot be installed.

Envirolok is also an ideal solution for the following applications:

Culvert Reinforcment
Envirolok will conform to fit the circumference of a culvert without the use of a form or specialized tools.

Emergency Erosion Repairs
Envirolok’s modular design can be made to fit any size emergency repair situation.

Highway Shoulders and Commercial Construction
Provides ecological vegetated reinforced solution to the surcharge loading created by highway and commercial construction.

Custom Erosion Control
Envirolok allows vegetation establishment in narrow construction areas along hard to access drainage points along roadways and public waterways.