Stream and River Restoration

Envirolok’s patented, low impact, construction method provides stability for stream and riverbank slopes while following existing contours.

Stream and River Restoration

Stream RestorationOur patented system supplies a permanent vegetated answer to persistent stream and riverbank erosion which contributes to the bio-accumulation of sediment in our waterways.

Due to the onsite adaptability of the Envirolok system entire stream and river corridors can be protected without hydrological changes to the watershed.

Envirolok uses advanced construction techniques to provide a permanent shoreline that can withstand flooding and increased water volume. Our system can also be installed so as to prevent damage from shifting ice using our Iceguard solution.

Ecological Stream RestorationEnvironmentally Sensitive Stream Restoration

When combined with native vegetation, Envirolok provides structural support to native root systems through encapsulating parent soils and eliminating the possibility of soil loss. Allowing the establishment of native vegetation in stream and river corridors enhances biodiversity and overall health of local ecosystems.

River RestorationRiver Restoration

The Envirolok system has been utilized in numerous large-scale river restoration projects including projects on the Chicago River in Illinois, the Columbia River in Oregon, and has been used on countless smaller rivers through North America.

Using a non-woven UV resistant geotextile in our bag construction allows the Envirolok system to provide a permanent biotechnical riverbank restoration solution. When combined with native plants and grasses, limited maintenance is required

Stream Restoration ProjectEasy to Customize

Envirolok efficiently conforms to the natural contours of a slope compared to other modular systems. The on-site adaptability of the system also makes it ideal for hard to access areas, and allows for crucial last minute design changes.

The ability to fill bags on site is another big factor that makes Envirolok such a popular choice for stream and river restoration projects. Our distributors can recommend several filling systems and installation tools that are easy to use and help make Envirolok one of the most cost-effective stream and river bank erosion control solutions available.