Advanced Envirolok Construction


Envirolok installation on the Sandy River, OR

The following PDF’s give detailed instructions with diagrams on various types of Envirolok applications and installations.

Envirolok Construction Methods

Standard Envirolok Construction
Walls 4’ tall and under typically require standard building techniques. The same general principles apply to those of modular or segmented retaining walls.



Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls (MSE) & Reinforced Soil Slope (RSS)
Mechanically Stabilized Earth WallsAs an industry standard, MSE walls are easy to install and less expensive than traditional concrete retaining walls. Unlike Geocell Cellular Confinement Systems (CCS),  Envirolok’s system is structurally sound and provides internal stability to falling soil slopes. Our engineering team can assist with the most difficult designs and provide support when designing your Envirolok System.

Envirolok Woven Walls (Cinch & Twine) 

Envirolok’s patented weaving technique provides additional strength, ideal for applications in unusually conditions such as high energy water flow or wave action. For  Low Impact Development (LID), this technique is truly one of a kind. The cinch and twine method or weaving, allows the Envirolok system to be installed while minimizing soil disturbance, preserving natural and cultural resources and allows existing hydraulic patterns to remain intact.