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Featured Video – Preparing & Installing the Foundation Course

Why Envirolok

Why Envirolok?

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Find out why Envirolok is quickly becoming the most sought-after vegetative solution to Erosion Control. Envirolok is cost-effective and simple to install.  We’ll talk about preparing the site, filling the bags and a general overview of design and construction. Hear from the experts soon…



Installation Overview

Installation Overview

Once any necessary grading or excavation is complete your ready to get started.  We show you how easy it is.  You’ll learn about setting the foundation course (the foundation course is simply the first row of Envirolok Units), basic construction and how to reinforce larger walls.  


Preparing and Installing the Foundation Course

Envirolok installation for Slope Applications

Reinforced Construction Techniques

COMING SOON…Taller slopes? Shorelines and Waterways? No Problem.  You’ll see how simple our anchoring and armoring techniques just are



COMING SOON… We’ll show you how the simple steps of installing vegetation.  Using live plants?  Simply set the plants between the bags as you build or after construction.  Seeding?  Hydroseeding is simple.  We’ll provide tips and direction for both hand and spray applications.

Installing Live Plantings After Construction

Applying Hydroseed

Project Videos

Project Videos

University of Wisconsin @ Lake Mendota