About Us

established vegetation

Envirolok LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agrecol LLC, a leading producer of high quality native prairie seeds and plants, specialty landscaping tools, and specialty erosion control systems. Founded in 1991 to promote sustainable ecology to every day landscape challenges, Agrecol nurseries now offer over 250 species of native seeds and plants.


Envirolok customers benefit from our direct installation experience and history of working closely with landscapers, contractors, and engineers to provide the most effective erosion control and soil stabilization solutions on the market.

The deep, fibrous root systems of native plants protect topsoil and help to provide natural erosion control. Managed properly, native plants serve as important stormwater management tools by capturing storm runoff, mitigating flooding, and protecting streams and rivers from harmful contaminants.

Combining these deep rooting native plants with the patented Envirolok erosion control system gives homeowners, developers and municipal engineers the right tools to providing highly effecting, long-lasting ecologically sustainable solutions