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Featured Project – “The California House”

Nestled along a wooded shoreline of a gentle lake, the California House blends modern architecture and nature to create a truly unique landscape experience.  By sculpting the architecture to fit the land, the owners are able read more…

Shoreline Stabilization

From small residential properties to large scale lake fronts, the Envirolok system is easy to install at any project scale. Designed for versatility and flexibility, Envirolok is easily compatible with engineered reinforcing systems to help eliminate erosion and shoreline failure due to scouring, ice damage and other natural and man-made forces.

California HouseNepco Lake  Columbia River  Lake Geneva  Lake Tomahawk

Stormwater Management

Managing stormwater is an engineering and design challenge. Severe storm events can damage slopes, erode topsoil and cause significant damage. Envirolok provides an environmentally friendly solution to manage stormwater.

Urban Parking Lot Mill Creek   University of Central Florida  UW Madison  West Fork Kenney Run  Wheaton Sanitary District

Stream and River Restoration

Strong currents, rainwater runoff and growing development are often a risk to our streams and rivers, causing erosion and failure of the channel and banks. Results, such as erosion of soil, loss of habitat and property damage can be catastrophic.  Envirolok helps stabilize and protect these corridors, by providing a green solution that will stand the test of time. 

Sophia Creek Ryan Street Chicago River Iowa Streambank Lakewood Country Club

Slope Stabilization

With Envirolok’s flexible and versatile design, it is simple to work with the contour of the land for the steepest and largest of slopes.  From large roadway embankments to small scale slopes at the lakes edge, Envirolok combines engineering and sustainability to provide stability and longevity at the fraction of the cost of traditional construction

Lake Wisconsin Glenorchy Trail Jerome Park Kenilworth Roswell

Ornamental Landscapes

Envirolok can be adapted to create beauty in any landscape. From decorative walls, to living raised beds/ planters, the opportunities are endless.  Incorporate Envirolok as an earth-friendly and affordable alternative to traditional concrete, block or stone walls.

Hansons Tenney Park  Underwood

Native Vegetated Mat

Envirolok’s Native Vegetated Mat provides an instant cover of native grasses, sedges and forbs. Similar to a traditional sod, the pre-vegetated mats are simply unrolled and set over the Envirolok bags or prepared soil.  NVM is a an easy way to ensure quick establishment of vegetation without the extra work of ensuring germination when using traditional seeding methods.

Lakeside Cottage Lakefront Restoration  Northwoods Lake Cottage