Lakewood Country Club

Stream & River Restoration

As the existing timber retaining walls that lined Lakewood Gulch began to decay, the banks of this key waterway were in jeopardy. In efforts to stabilize the banks, improve aesthetics and maintain a more naturalized corridor, Lakewood Country Club worked with the Envirolok West team to develop a permanent vegetative solution.  This solution would need to stabilize the soil along the bank and withstand the forces of the creek below.

The Envirolok system provided the means for the client to accomplish all the stated goals for the project. The failing wall was removed, and the banks were regraded to accommodate the desired slope.  Existing boulders were reused at the toe of the slope to prevent future scouring in flashing storm events. The finished contoured slope varied between 12’ – 15’ in height.  Because of Envirolok’s flexibility and versatility, a 1:1 slope ratio could be maintained, allowing space on the top of slope for a new cart path.