Tips for Using Sod & Sedum Mats

Looking at using Sod or Sedum Mats to cover the Envirolok System? Here are some simple tips to make installation easy and vegetation thrive. Continue reading

Tips for Using Native Vegetated Mat

Interested in using the Native Vegetated Mat to vegetate the Envirolok system? Here are some tips to help you with maintenance and care of the Native Vegetated Mats. Continue reading

Tips for Live Plantings

Interested in using live plantings to vegetate the Envirolok system? Here are several great tips and tricks to make installation and care easy. Continue reading

Tips for Hydroseeding

Looking to hydroseed your Envirolok system? Here are several tips that will help you achieve great vegetation results when hydroseeding. Continue reading

Erosion Control Strategies

Are you noticing erosion on your property? If so, you need to act fast to mitigate the problem. If not addressed, erosion can spiral out of control and end up costing you a lot of money and headache to remedy. Continue reading

Identifying Signs of Erosion

Sometime erosion is easy to spot, and other times it can be rather difficult. Here are several things to keep an eye out for when monitoring your property for erosion. Continue reading

Envirolok Featured in SWS Magazine Article “Living Solutions”

Coastal waterways present many challenges when it comes to erosion control and bank stabilization.  Envirolok continues to collaborate with the Kiawah Island Community Association, providing permanent living solutions for the many unique coastal environments that span the island. Located 25 … Continue reading

Protect and Beautify Your Lakefront Shoreline with Envirolok

  In addition to providing access to the water, shorelines play an important role in water quality, habitat and protecting your real estate.  Envirolok is fully-engineered to permanently stabilize waterway slopes and shorelines.  The system is designed for easy permitting … Continue reading

Getting started with Design

Did you know that Envirolok has a staff of designers and engineers to assist with preliminary design, engineering, material estimates and more?  Whatever design phase your involved in, we are happy to collaborate.  We have a variety of tools available … Continue reading

When is Envirolok the Right Design Solution?

When it comes to erosion control and soil stabilization the market is inundated with hundreds of product options.  As a designer or contractor, your goal is to find a solution that is cost-effective, easy to install and maintain and will … Continue reading