Design and Installation Tips for Spring

Here are a few tips for design and installation as you prepare for spring projects.  These tips will help save time and labor during the cold and / or wet spring that many of us are experiencing.  Please feel free to contact Envirolok or your local distributor for more information.

Filling Bags:

  • Do not use wet or frozen fill in the bags.  Not only will filling go slower, moisture and frozen chunks of material add extra weight, making it harder to move and stack the bags.
  • Once-filled, bags should be stored inside to prevent them from freezing.
  • If filled bags are stored outside in warmer weather, we recommend wrapping them in plastic to keep them dry.  The bags are lighter and easier to manage when materials are dry.


  • NEVER install a bag with frozen fill.  Spikes will not penetrate through frozen material and bags will not properly set or compact.
  • Plant and seed availability changes throughout the season.  Make sure you or your subcontractors have plants or seed on order in anticipation of upcoming installations.
  • Make sure the ground is dry enough for access and construction.   

Design/ Approvals:

  • Prepare for design or installation by setting up a video webinar or demo/ training event.
  • Follow up on fall projects with a site inspection.  Look for any indication of additional erosion and damage to vegetation.  Create an implementation plan to resolve any issues.