Envirolok + Native Vegetation = Stormwater Success

Summer of 2017 and still going strong!

As a result of years of large storm events and continuous sedimentation, the existing drainage channel in Golden, Colorado lost its aesthetic appeal and was no longer functioning to move water and reduce potential flooding. Through collaboration with Envirolok West, the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District of Colorado was able to develop a solution that would handle the storm events, limit sedimentation and create a new focal feature for the residential neighborhood

Construction began on the project in spring of 2016.  The Envirolok units were used to sculpt the waterway and provide a permanent vegetative solution for the channel.  Because of the structural capabilities of the Envirolok units, they withstand the heavy flashing events that occur in the drainage corridor.  Because the soil is encapsulated in the units and held tightly through the matrix of native plant roots, erosion and sedimentation are no longer an issue.

Since the installation, the project has held strong providing the sustainable and aesthetic solution as intended in the collaborative design and construction efforts.  Find more project photos here.

Design By Icon Engineering & FMLA


Project Partners:

    Envirolok Lead: Envirolok West
    Client: Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
    Contractor: Naranjo Civil Constructors

    Landscape Architect: FMLA
    Engineer: Icon Engineering, Inc.