Native Vegetated Mat

Envirolok Native Vegetated Mat is a pre-vegetated mat of a deep rooting native species with a light geotextile or biodegradable core. Once laid on a surface, the plants take root in the soil and quickly form a secure vegetated mat to hold the surface soils in place against erosive forces.

Envirolok® Native Vegetated Mat ™

Envirolok Native Vegetated MatInstant erosion control

Using Envirolok’s Native Vegetated Mat (NVM) provides immediate erosion control and help to prevent further soil loss. While similar in concept to ordinary turf grass or sod, our NVM is pre-vegetated with native plants and grasses, providing much deeper root penetration and increased water absorption.

Multiple cores available

Different applications may call for different core materials in the Native Sod. Our experts can help determine the best core material based on geography, slope, and soil type in addition to a wide range of other environmental factors.

Native plants and grasses

Proper plant selection is important for any natural erosion control solution. Our specialists can help make sure your Native vegetated mats are vegetated with the right species for your project.