Ornamental Landscapes

Homeowners, contractors and landscapers depend on Envirolok for an easy-to-use, durable, long-term solution for stormwater management and erosion control. Even a small Envirolok application can serve as a natural sanctuary for songbirds and butterflies, bringing them right to your doorstep. Using our permeable geotextile bags, building a living wall is a safe, natural alternative to costly and unsightly brick and stone retaining walls.

Envirolok Ornamental Landscapes

Living WallLiving Walls

Offering more than just a standard brick retaining wall, Envirolok’s living wall solutions provide an aesthetically pleasing way to handle long term erosion control and slope stabilization.

The use of carefully selected native plants and grasses assures the most efficient rooting system possible, helping the living wall actually become stronger with time.

Rain Gardens

Native vegetation is a sustainable solution to erosion control and stormwater management. Rain gardens are an ideal solution in areas where significant amounts of run-off occur such as large yards, driveways, and parking lots.

Envirolok native plant rain gardens provide a very efficient filtration system helping to keep our streams a waterways clean and healthy.

Raised Bed KitsRaised Bed Kits

Perfect for locations with poor soil quality, or those with alternative needs, the Enviorolok system gives homeowners and contractors a great solution for creating raised garden beds. Great for vegetable gardens, flower gardens or low maintenance native plant gardens.

With their simple construction and ease of design, our kits allow for raised gardens that can be custom modeled to your existing landscape. The soft edges also make planting and maintenance very comfortable and easy to reach.