Shoreline Erosion


Lake shoreline undercut by wave action

Shorelines provide natural buffers for ponds, lakes and coastal waterways. In addition to creating critical habitat, these buffers infiltrate and filter runoff and reduce erosion. Shorelines are constantly changing.  Forces of nature, climate change and human influence can all contribute to siltation, loss of land and declining water quality.

Shorelines typically fail in one of two locations (sometimes both) – the top of slope, or the toe (base) of the slope and can occur on flat or steep shorelines. Failures at the top of slopes or areas away from the water’s edge are most often a result of stormwater runoff, extreme flooding or removal / decline of vegetation. Failures at the water’s edge are more likely caused by the action of moving water.  This could include wave action, wind, ice, water currents.

Envirolok Protects & Stabilizes

Engineered Natural Shorelines

Envirolok is engineered to permanently stabilize slopes and shorelines.  Unlike traditional erosion control products, Envirolok stabilizes the underlying soils and creates an encapsulated barrier, protecting it from further erosion.  The bag-fill mix has been developed in collaboration with our engineers and horticulturalists to maximize strength and provide ideal growing conditions for native plantings. For more extreme water conditions, Envirolok’s specialized spike system is designed to work with a variety of reinforcement systems to increase strength and withstand the forces of water.


Whether your project includes a gradual sloping pond edge or a steep lake shoreline, Envirolok can help create a natural shoreline reinforced for permanent stabilization.


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