Stormwater Management


Clean water has quickly become the most valuable resource across the globe. Proper management of rainwater runoff is one of the keys to protecting this resource.

Designers, contractors and property owners all play a key role in our ability to clean, store and / or reuse water. Whether working on a dense urban site or an expansive rural acreage, stormwater management can be costly and use valuable real-estate.

As an engineered and ecologically advanced system, Envirolok provides permanent vegetated solutions for a variety of stormwater applications at any scale. Stormwater management solutions can be designed to effectively contain surface water flow, while slowing water and allowing sediment to drop out before reaching waterways. Envirolok’s engineered bag-fill provides strength & stability while still allowing the water to infiltrate. As vegetation establishes on the system, rainwater runoff is further filtered by plant roots and shoots.

Envirolok’s ability to be used in water or dry land conditions provides flexibility for almost any application. Whether your looking for a transition between grades or reinforcing the channel of a swale, Envirolok can help maximize bmp’s within a small construction footprint.

Here are a few of the ways we can help you create a successful and permanent stormwater solution:

Culvert and endwall protection
Reinforce swale and drainage channel walls / slopes
Steep slopes along wet or dry basins
Reinforce swale and drainageway channels
Vegetative Weirs

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