Stream and Riverbank Restoration

River and streambanks are complex. Soils along these waterways are subject to a variety of forces that can cause or accelerate erosion and instability. Scouring is a common factor of failure in waterways that routinely flood or have strong currents. Scouring typically attacks the toe of the bank and is recognized by an undercut. Excessive scouring can also lead to toppling or sliding of sediment from the top of bank into waterway.

Issues with bank stability can often be recognized in the early stages. Common recognizable conditions include; receding vegetation, lack of vegetative diversity, expansive areas of invasive species and visible bare soils. These are typically caused by;

Saturation of banks from off-stream source,
Redirection and acceleration of flow within the channel,
Wave Action, Flooding, & Land Use

Traditional bank restoration practices focus either on hard armoring or bioengineered solutions. Envirolok combines the best principles of these two approaches in order to provide a permanent vegetative solution that will stabilize and protect in the most challenging of conditions. Permanent encapsulation eliminates sediment loss and provides ideal growing conditions for riparian vegetation. Envirolok is engineered to strengthens banks while improving aquatic and terrestrial habitat.

Envirolok is flexible and easy to construct within a small footprint, making it ideal for projects of any slope, scale, or location.  In addition to large-scale projects along the Chicago, French Broad and Columbia Rivers, Envirolok has a proven track record of success along numerous streams and rivers throughout the globe.