Erosion Control Strategies

Are you noticing erosion on your property? If so, you need to act fast to mitigate the problem. If not addressed, erosion can spiral out of control and end up costing you a lot of money and headache to remedy.

**If you are not sure that erosion is occurring, check out our blog post, Signs of Erosion to help you identify potential issues.**

Here are a couple of methods you could use to try solving your erosion problems on your property.


Typical lawn grasses have very shallow root systems, generally reaching only a couple of inches deep into the soil. When heavy rains come, the shallow roots have a harder time holding the grass in place, often times failing and causing erosion. Native vegetation, however, has deep roots and is very good at locking the soil in place making it difficult for erosion to occur. Native plants are a great natural erosion control method that has many added benefits for the ecosystem, the homeowner, and the planet. If you are interested in using native plants, check out our sister company, Agrecol – Native Seed & Plant Nursery. The plant experts on staff can set you up with the perfect native species for your location.


Are you noticing erosion occurring along your shoreline? Has your riprap shifted and moved? Well, a great way to stabilize riprap would be to vegetate it. Vegetation along a shoreline can help reduce wave energy, which can help slow down erosion. However, vegetating riprap is easier said than done. Most people try to vegetate along the gaps and cracks of riprap by putting soil and seeds down. Unfortunately, wave action often washes the soil away before vegetation can take root. So, we created a solution! Meet GroWall! This is a smaller version of our Envirolok bag that can easily contain the soil, fit in-between gaps and provide a medium to generate plant growth. This gives you a better chance at success when vegetating riprap and reducing erosion. 


If you have intense erosion occurring then it’s time to start looking at permanent, stabilization techniques. This is where Envirolok comes in. We are a natural, green alternative that can permanently stabilize slopes, control erosion, and allow vegetation to grow through the bags, further strengthening the entire system. Our geosynthetic soil bags provide a sustainable, permanent, and natural alternative to traditional erosion control methods such as wood and concrete. If you are interested in using Envirolok, contact us and we can get started working on your project.

These erosion control methods should help make a difference in managing and control erosion on your property.