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Nestled along a wooded shoreline of a gentle lake, the California House blends modern architecture and nature to create a truly unique environment.  By sculpting the architecture to fit the land, the owners could take advantage of the profound views and vistas off the forested shoreline.  In considering alternatives to reinforce and stabilize the steep shoreline, the owners wanted a product that would provide a soft, natural look rather than the hard armor of concrete and steel traditionally used on waterways. Concrete mats or extensive block walls required the removal of the existing trees along the shoreline. Brad Tork, the owner of Progressive Lawn Care, suggested the use of Envirolok as a permanent vegetative solution that would provide the desired natural aesthetic without destroying the existing mature trees. Upon completing the installation in the summer of 2018, the Envirolok units were covered with a custom grown native vegetative mat featuring a mixture of low meadow grasses and wildflowers.


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