Getting started with Design

Did you know that Envirolok has a staff of designers and engineers to assist with preliminary design, engineering, material estimates and more?  Whatever design phase your involved in, we are happy to collaborate.  We have a variety of tools available to provide a permanent vegetative solution.  To get you started, there are some simple things that you can provide.  So, if you are considering Envirolok, here are some of the things we typical ask about the project.

  • Application type- Is it a streambank, shoreline, steep slope, etc.?
  • For stabilization projects- Where is the failure occurring- Top of slope? Toe
  • How steep is the slope? What is the overall height and length
  • Site photos and/ or project location is always helpful, but not necessary. It helps us understand and research waterflows and understand site conditions and the impact of structures and land use
  • General Soils information- If you have a Geotech report great! Most projects do not.  A simple determination of sand, clay, silt or loam will suffice. Project location and site photos can also be helpful.
  • Sunlight and slope aspect. Available sunlight will influence vegetation selection.  Is the site wooded or open?  South facing slopes tend to be dry, north facing slopes tend to stay shady.
  • For projects with water adjacencies- Is there any scouring? Wave action?