Kicking off to the Construction Season – Video Training & More

For many of us in the Northern US and Canada, the start of the construction season has been slow.  Snow and rain continue to cause delays throughout the Midwest, but hopefully the weather has finally broken.  In addition to projects overseas and in the southern US, projects along the east coast are beginning to mobilize.  It’s always great to see projects move from design to construction. We recently began providing live video training/ installation sessions for project teams who are new to Envirolok or are looking to update their training.  Because of the complexities that installers may encounter on-site, we want to ensure that their team has all the right tools for a successful installation.   In addition to video training, the zoom app allows us to connect video and audio to any mobile device.  As you – the designers or installers have questions on-site, simply connect to us with real-time video from the site and / or installation.  As challenges or questions come up we can link digitally and collaborate on a solution. 

Feel free to connect with us while on site or for a product webinar as well as design or installation training.  In addition to live video trainings we are in the process of developing installation videos that will be available on our website and YouTube channel.  While we still recommend a live training or on-site consultation through Envirolok or your distributor, these videos will provide easy access to the steps of design and installation.