Sophia Creek Install

Envirolok Installation in Barrie, ON Canada

Professional erosion control specialists use Envirolok to provide their customers with dependable long-term erosion control solutions that can be installed within budget and under a deadline.

Contractors, Developers and Landscapers

The ecologically advanced Envirolok vegetated system provides permanent erosion control for a wide variety of applications. Our patented system provides immediate stabilization, erosion control, and a permanent vegetated solution. Envirolok is adaptable to water or dry land sites and can be used in cold climates where ice movement maybe a concern.

Envirolok’s encapsulated soil bags and spikes combined with the engineered strength of soil reinforcing materials, supply the connection necessary for a complete ecological vegetated solution.

Large Scale Erosion Control Applications

Envirolok’s patented construction method provides support over streambank & shorelines while allowing construction to follow contours. Our system supplies a permanent vegetated answer to persistent shoreline erosion which contributes to bio-accumulation of sediment in our watersheds.

Just a few applications of Envirolok include the following:

Stream Restoration | Shoreline Erosion | Vegetated Slope Stabilization
Stormwater Management | Ornamental Landscapes | Envirolok Native Sod


  • Engineered for reinforced soil structures (MSE or RSS)
  • Stabilizes shorelines & riverbanks
  • Encapsulates soil
  • Native bio-engineered facing
  • Ideal for steepened slopes and contours
  • Native roots lock system together becoming stronger over time
  • Moves freely with freeze and thaw cycle

Envirolok is Looking for Distributors

Please contact Envirolok for information on becoming a distributor.