Project Profile – Hogsmill River @ Kingston University

Vegetation of Envirolok in the UK and parts of Europe is accomplished through “preseeding” the bags.


Envirolok is a great solution for slope stabilization projects all around the globe.  Our partners at Greenfix are leading the front as erosion control experts in the UK. Following the discovery of instability in an embankment on the Hogsmill River in Kingston Upon Thames Surrey, a solution to control further erosion of the island containing a hall of residence and The Stanley Picker Gallery was required. Due to the lack of vehicle access to site, the client needed a long-term solution that could be easily transported across the pedestrian bridge and installed with minimal materials and little disturbance to the site.

In addition to steering the client and contractor to the right product, Greenfix assisted with design and specifications to meet the project needs and timeline.  In recognizing the project constraints due to lack of construction access, Greenfix proposed “prevegetating” the bags.  In addition to the engineered soil mix within the bags, a robust mix of native grass seed was included.  Using the “seeded” soil fill meant the contractor could complete the installation without having to transport plant material, additional machinery and erosion blankets to successfully complete the project.   The cool wet climate found throughout the UK and parts of Europe is prime for supporting this type of vegetated application.  We will be updating the project gallery with new photos of the fully vegetated wall.


Year Constructed: 2017

Client: Kingston University

Contractor: Deasy Management, Ltd.

Envirolok Representative: Greenfix Soil Stabilization & Erosion Control Specialists