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Learn About Your Shoreline and How To Protect It



Shorelines give us places to relax, fish, swim and experience the water with friends and family. In addition to providing access to the water, shorelines play an important role in water quality, habitat and protection of your real-estate. As a buffer to the lakes edge, shorelines have the capacity to infiltrate and filter and provide structural integrity to protect your property against erosion. 

Our shorelines are constantly changing. Forces of nature, such as rain, wind and ice, along human influence from boat waves, construction and increased runoff can all contribute to erosion and damage at the water’s edge. The result of these influences are cloudy water, increased algae and loss of land. This reduces your usability (fishing, swimming) and reduces the value of your property. 

When design properly, healthy shorelines don’t have to look wild and woolly or limit your ability to have useable space or take away from areas for swimming, fishing and other activities. Instead, they can enhance your family experience.


We have the right solution for you!

Without the right tools, protecting your lakefront property can be challenging and costly. Every shoreline is different, even along the same waterway. Permitting can be confusing and not incorporating the right approach for your site can result in a solution that doesn’t last or causes more damage to the shoreline. 

Whether you are looking for permanent protection or just simply looking to beautify your lakefront experience, we offer a variety of product solutions for any waterway edge. We have the tools and connections to make design, permitting and installation easy.

Natural shoreline solutions can increase property value by as much as $200/linear foot when compared to traditional methods.

Erosion at the water’s edge is more likely caused by the action of moving water. This could include wave action, wind, ice, water currents.

Erosion at the top of slopes, or areas away from the water’s edge, are most often a result of stormwater runoff, extreme flooding or removal/decline of vegetation.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easier than you think. Just follow the steps below and we can get you pointed in the right direction. Once you better understand the relationship of the water and the land you can choose the right product.


I'd like to do it myself

Get started with our online shoreline assessment from. Already know what your dealing with? Identify your shoreline by scrolling down and choose from our toolkit to get started.

I need some help

Simply check the "I need a contractor" box when filling out the Shoreline Assessment Form and we will connect you to a network of contractors in your area.  Or contact your local regulatory agency for a list of qualified designers and contractors in you area.

I'm a designer or contractor

We work hand-in hand with designers, engineers and contractors every step of the way to ensure project success.  Our team is here to provide detailed design, estimate and installation training for each of our project solutions.

Don’t forget to contact your local permitting agency before you get started. In addition to approvals, their team can provide guidance to make the process simple.


Ready to get started? Fill out the questionaire and submit to our team to find out what tools you need and what your next steps will be.

Reflection in a Pond


Lakes, Living Shorelines, Stream Channels, Ponds, River & Stream Banks

For flat or shallow sloped shorelines where there is little to no water energy, live plantings such as Agrecol's Native Vegetated Mat (NVM) or Plant Plugs are the perfect solution. These tools provide instant coverage to withstand flooding and minor waterway erosion. The deep roots of native grasses and wildflowers provide permanent protection by stabilizing the soil. With over 175 species of plant plugs and a variety of species mixes of NVM, we have the plant selection for any site conditions. All species are specific to our Great Lakes region to ensure localized genotypes and plant selection that work well in the upper midwest. Plugs and NVM are available for pick up or can be delivered directly to your door.

  • Shoreline Toe  Protection

  • Water Access

  • Habitat Shelves

  • Living Shorelines

  • Shorelines or Slopes < 1.5H:1V  Grade

Email or Call Us at 608-223-3571 to Place Your Order

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Lakes, Waterways & Living Shorelines

When there is medium to heavy wave energy or currents along the waterway, toe protection beyond just vegetation will help stabilize and prevent scouring and undercutting.   seawalls and stone can often enhance the erosive abilities of wave action,  Envirolok and Growall are fully-engineered, vegetative solutions that will stand the test of time.  These geobag systems do not biodegrade and can be reinforced to stand up to nature.  For flat shorelines, Growall and Envirolok can be placed at the edge and used like a coir log, or laid flat along the shoreline to eliminate erosion.  In high activity waterways, these systems can be blended with boulders, root wads or embedded wood to withstand heavy wave action and ice.

  • Shoreline Protection

  • Water Access

  • Blended Shorelines

  • Habitat Shelves

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Lake Shorelines, Stream & River Banks, Slopes & Walls

Slope stability at the water's edge is critical in protecting and preserving your land. While vegetation alone may be sufficient for some projects, steeper slopes will require permanent reinforcement with the Envirolok system. 


To determine which solution is best call our design team at 608-226-2565 or follow the instructions below.

What is this a list of/what's this for?

  • Pond Edge

  • Toe Protection

  • Blended Shorelines

  • Living Shorelines

  • Slope Stabilization


Lakes Shoreline, Slopes and Retaining Walls, River and Stream Banks

High energy lakes and waterways and result in scouring and undermining at the toe of banks. Without proper protection, repairs to these shoreline failures could result in costly repairs. A blended approach integrating an armored toe with the Envirolok system reinforcing the slope above provide strength, beauty and resiliency to stabilize the shoreline.  Growall and Envirolok can be incorporated in a rip rap toe to create habitat pockets and provide a green look along the shore. Depending on the steepness of slope above the ordinary water level, Envirolok our the Native Vegetated Mat can be used to stabilize the slope and protect against erosion.

What is this a list of/what's this for?

  • Slope Stabilization

  • Habitat Pockets

  • Vegetated Rip Rap

  • Terraced Slopes 


Rain Gardens, Landscape Walls, Pollinator Gardens & More

Whether you are looking to incorporate native plantings in your outdoor living spaces or need to provide pervious infiltration gardens as part of local or state requirements, we have the products you need.  For slopes and reinforcement around driveway culverts, drainage outlets, pond edges or flow channels in swales, choose from the  Envirolok or GroWall systems.  These areas can be finished off with vegetation solutions, including native plants, seed and NVM. 

Looking to enhance or create new planting beds? Native plant species are great.

  • Bioswales

  • Rain Gardens

  • Culvert End Walls

  • Landscape Beds

  • Pollinator Plantings

What is this a list of/what's this for?


Native Plugs are gown in 2.5" pots and are available in quantities of 3, 6 and 32 plants. We also offer predesigned Shoreline Plant Kits available in quantities of 32 and 64 plants.

Ideal for:

  • Sun to Shade

  • Dry to Wet

  • Areas under 500 sq.ft.

  • Space plants at 12"-18"

backside of a native vegetated mat.


Easy to install, and quick to grow, our Native Vegetated Mat is a unique eco-solution that is perfect for rain gardens, pollinator habitat, shorelines and urban prairie gardens. Enjoy a beautiful, diverse prairie that is easy to maintain.

Benefits of Native Vegetated Mat

  • Minimal site preparation

  • Quick, easy installation

  • Always seeded correctly

  • Immediate Establishment

  • Immediate Erosion Control

  • Minimal weeding and maintenance

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