Vegetation Selection

Envirolok Roots

Roots growing through Envirolok

Unlike other  systems which use depleted soils, Envirolok uses a premium grade soil blend for vegetation. This soil blend allows for quick and vigorous establishment of plants. The ability of the Envirolok system to continuously support plant growth, strengthens the system as well as the surrounding ecological environment.

Where traditional erosion control products like those made of steel, aluminum and natural fibers fail, Envirolok will continue to thrive. By encasing growing media inside the inert Envirolok units, soil loss is eliminated and a non-erodible stronghold for vegetation is in place. Root systems will grow through the material and into the existing soil while providing crucial habitat for wildlife and restoring your site back to its natural state.

Envirolok Planting Zones

Planting Zones

Native species in shoreline transitional zones allow for the ecological restoration of habitat for game fish, amphibious life, birds and butterflies. A diverse mix of sedges, grasses, wildflowers and live stakes creates sustainable vegetation when combined with the Envirolok system.

Envirolok components allow for very deep root penetration, adding to the overall strength of the system and providing a highly sustainable, low-maintenance, erosion control solution.

You can customize your plantings to suit your needs. Plant a variety of perennials for a naturalized look or a low growing grasses for a more manicured appearance. Or try succulent species in arid climates!

Why Natives?

  • Extensive root systems that lock the bags to the parent material
  • Root structure becomes stronger and deeper over time
  • Native habitat attracts song birds, butterflies and pollinators
  • Envirolok wall becomes a beautifully restored native prairie that provides habitat year round
  • Sequesters oxygen and moisture
  • Provides safe habitat for amphibious species