The Envirolok System

Stabilizing slopes and water channels can be challenging and costly.  Finding a permanent solution is nearly impossible without the help of Envirolok.

Envirolok’s patented tan bag technology provides a permanent vegetated solution by combining the engineered strength of soil with the principles of plant ecology.

Our non-woven geotextile bags permanently encapsulate the soil for maximized stability. Patented connecting spikes provide shear strength and make the system compatible with advanced reinforcement techniques, such as geogrid and earth/rock anchoring systems.

The system is a simple.  Unlike traditional Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall systems and Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS), our system does not require extensive footings and backfill.   Minimal excavation means that Envirolok can be installed in areas of limited access and without great impact to surrounding lands. Once the bags are filled, then simply lay the bags in an overlapping pattern, compact, install the spikes and repeat. Next you’re ready to vegetate.