Envirolok Components

Our tan bags were developed to a superior specification, ensuring a permanent, maintenance free application. The non-woven synthetic material is resistant to ultraviolet light and strong enough to support thousands of pounds of pressure while permeable enough to allow roots to grow right through.

The spikes are constructed with high impact polystyrene to create a light weight and durable connection. Shear strength is provided by connecting multiple bags together and creating a “mattress” effect. The “open washer” design provides a strong connection and does not impede root growth like traditional connection plate systems.
Our non-proprietary fill is a simple mix of 80% sand & 20% topsoil is easily accessible in any region.  No compost means no slumping and no chance of failure.  Each bag is filled with 1.25 cubic feet of fill, giving the overall bag the equivalent of 1 face foot of wall.  When installed in the water, bags can be filled with clear gravel.
Envirolok RootsVegetation
Plant roots create a binding matrix through the bags and into the parent soil, locking the soil in place and providing permanent stabilization.  Whether you rely on native plantings or utilize more traditional ornamental landscape plants, the result is a lush green slope that will stand the test of time.