When is Envirolok the Right Design Solution?

When it comes to erosion control and soil stabilization the market is inundated with hundreds of product options.  As a designer or contractor, your goal is to find a solution that is cost-effective, easy to install and maintain and will last a lifetime.

So, how do you know which product is right for the site.  Unfortunately, there is no 1 stop solution that will work on every site.  As flexible as the Envirolok system is, there are limitations we run into with site features and slopes.  Here are just a few applications where Envirolok will be your practical, go to solution.

  • Remote sites and areas where limited construction impact is necessary.  Envirolok can be installed with minimal excavation and backfill and without the need for heavy machinery.
  • Slope Stabilizations, typically steeper than 30%.  For less steep slopes, you can look at seeding with traditional erosion control matting or our Native Vegetated Mat.
  • River and stream banks.  Using hard armoring above the water channel limits habitat and can change the course and force of the water.  Envirolok provides strength, stability and vegetation that will withstand extreme storm and flood events.
  • Pond edges/ no wake shorelines.  In these zones, Envirolok can often be used in lieu of hard armoring.  Bags can be filled with clear gravel and placed in the water or armored with geogrid.
  • As a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to retaining walls.  Unlike traditional hardscape walls, Envirolok does not require extensive footings or backfill
  • ·Stream channels/ Stormwater Channels- Envirolok is the perfect tool to eliminate sedimentation and erosion in low flow streams and channels.  Vegetation provides habitat and filters pollutants.  While designed for typical flows, the Envirolok system will withstand large flood events.

Click here for more project examples and applications.  Feel free to reach out to our team and learn more about Envirolok.  We are happy to provide the pieces you need to determine the right solution for your site.