Why Envirolok

The Envirolok system is designed to provide permanent vegetative solutions in a variety of applications.  To make it easy, the system eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming footings or extraneous amounts of excavation for backfill.  This allows installation with minimal impact to the site.   Let’s make this easy.  Here’s why Envirolok is the most sought after vegetative solution.


In addition to providing an alternative for traditional walls, Envirolok can accommodate a variety of slope conditions, making the ideal solution for shoreline restoration, streambank protection, slope stabilization, erosion control, stormwater channels and more.


Envirolok is designed for simplicity in installation and maximizes compatibility with proven reinforcing techniques (such as geogrid, earth anchors, rock anchors) providing added strength for larger and more complex installations.

Tan Bag Technology

Our tan bags are one of a kind.  No other system comes close to Envirolok’s longevity and performance.  Not only do these bags blend into the landscape better, they are stronger and are more uv resistant than the old school black bag technology on the market.  Our exclusive tan bag technology is proven to reduce heat on the bag surface as well as inside.  This promotes better germination/ plant growth and reduces the need for excessive watering.


A simple recipe of 80% sand & 20% topsoil.  Other systems rely on compost, which decomposes quickly, causing slumping – AND eventually failure.  The soil mix is not proprietary and is easily available from sources local or regional to the site.


In addition to having a lower carbon footprint than most concrete technologies, Envirolok’s vegetative solution can provide natural habitat, promote pollinators and continually sequesters carbon.  Our LEED accredited staff is here to assist with documentation and qualifications for LEED programs and help with cost-benefit analysis.

Vegetation Options

The Envirolok system allows variety of vegetation application methods to fit any budget, site condition and aesthetic.  Hydroseed, plant plugs and live stakes are just a few of our most popular options.  While natives are always promoted for healthy ecosystems, the system is compatible with a variety of ornamental landscape plants.   Work with our plant experts on staff to select the option that work best for you.


While adding shear strength to walls, the spikes make installation simple and easily connect with advanced reinforcement technologies.  The patented open design will not impede root growth like solid connector plate systems offered with competitor systems.


Our team is here to support you, the contractors and the land owners.  From project studies, to design, engineering and product estimates, we collaborate every step of the way.