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Envirolok started as a manufacturer of geobag systems, utilizing the industry standard. 


Over the last 20 years, we have continued to perfect and lead these standards through proactive testing and collaboration with our clients and engineering industry partners. We have a strong connection to our collaborators, including our sister company, Agrecol Native Plant Nursery.


We continue to work with experts in soils and horticulture to ensure vegetative success without compromising strength and durability. Envirolok is a family-owned company, built on the principals of small business, and manufactures all components in North America.

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Sales Manager

Eric Seidl is the captain of the Envirolok Team. His extensive background in landscape design, vegetation plantings, and engineering has brought Envirolok to a new level of excellence. Eric’s personable and friendly demeanor makes it easy for him to build client relationships, and provide excellent customer service.

Eric can usually be found playing pranks in the office, talking with customers, designing Envirolok projects, visiting sites, listening to Rock ‘n Roll and so much more. He is always the first one to roll up his sleeves, or his pants to dive into a site visit and inspect for erosion.  In his free time, he is coaching his daughter’s soccer/softball team, cheering his son on at his hockey games, playing with his two dogs – Daisy and Juniper, camping with his family, or getting himself into mischief.

No matter what Eric is up to you can generally find him with dog treats in his pockets and drinking his flavorless, bland coffee – just as he likes it. 

Project Associate

Rock Star! Need we say more… Ashley brings energy, education and experience as the task master, marketing guru, and people connector for the Envirolok team. With her extensive background in natural resources and educational outreach, her work allows her to continue her passions in a fun and rewarding environment. Seriously, we are grateful to have her.

You may find Ashley in a variety of places. Sometimes on social media (she claims she is posting on Envirolok social media), sometimes assisting clients and sometimes exploring project sites. No matter where she is or what she’s doing, there is always a smiling face (non-stop giggling) and a helping hand ready to reach out. 

Outside of work, Ashley says she “likes to read,” but what she really likes is TV. While others learn from literary greats such as Shakespeare, Hawthorne and Hemingway, Ashley leans on Abed Nadir, Phoebe Buffay and Dwight Schrute for her inspirations. When she is not binge watching her favorite episodes of the Office, Ashley loves to explore the outdoors and spend time with her family and husband, Adam. 

Zeus Graham

Toy Durability Analyst

Zeus is our corporate snuggle master.  He loves treats, toys and people.

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