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We are always looking for hardworking, enthusiastic, and ambitious people to join the Envirolok team! If you are interested in growing your career, send your resume to

We can’t wait to meet you!

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Our History


Envirolok started as a manufacturer of geobag systems, utilizing the industry standard. 


Over the last 20 years, we have continued to perfect and lead these standards through proactive testing and collaboration with our clients and engineering industry partners. We have a strong connection to our collaborators, including our sister company, Agrecol Native Plant Nursery.


We continue to work with experts in soils and horticulture to ensure vegetative success without compromising strength and durability. Envirolok is a family-owned company, built on the principals of small business, and manufactures all components in North America.



Our Team

Sales Manager


Eric Seidl is the head of the Envirolok Team. His extensive background in landscape architecture, horticulture, outreach, and engineering has brought Envirolok to a new level of excellence. Eric’s personable and friendly demeanor makes it easy for him to build client relationships and provide excellent customer service. Eric is active in the green industry, volunteering his time to assist with industry outreach, presentations and providing technical review for a variety of events and conferences.

Prior to joining Envirolok, Mr. Seidl spent 20 years in the field of Landscape Architecture, where he focused on waterfronts, parks and open space, and community focused planning.  In addition to design, Eric has a passion for collaboration and building a sense of community.  His most recent work has also focused on design and implementation of sustainable solutions for stormwater management, edible landscapes and effective reuse of invasive hardwoods to create nature-based play and education opportunities for kids.


In his free time, he loves Rockabilly music, camping and spending time in the outdoors with his family and dogs – Daisy and Juniper.  In winter you will find him with his family at the hockey rink cheering on his son and daughter.


Design Awards
• 2017 Milwaukee Mayors Award - Garden Homes Park, Milwaukee, WI
• 2015 Milwaukee Mayors Award - Ezekiel Gillespie Park, Milwaukee, WI
• 2015 Milwaukee Mayors Award - Green Corridor, Milwaukee, WI
• 2013 WPRA Park Design Award- Langer Park, Marshall, WI
• 2008 USGBC Natural Talent Regional Design Competition, 1st Place 
• 2007 USGBC Natural Talent National Design Competition, 2nd Place


Project Manager


As Project Manager of the Envirolok Team, Rachel Walsh works with a wide variety of clients to guide projects to success.  Her passion for the environment, attention to detail, and extraordinary knowledge of biologic systems combined with her collaborative nature bring the best to every project solution.  Rachel is a firm believer in personal growth and is quickly becoming active in the global movement of healthy waterways.


Growing up in Wisconsin and balancing family time at either her aunt and uncle’s farm or her great-grandparent’s farm, Rachel developed a love and appreciation for the outdoors at an early age.  This passion drove her to obtain her B.A. in Biology (with a minor in Spanish) at Minnesota State University Moorhead.  In addition to her academic success, Rachel was an accomplished collegiate athlete on the university swim team.


Outside of her work at Envirolok, Rachel’s hobbies include swimming, hiking, kayaking, gardening, Kaiut Yoga, camping, traveling, and anything outdoors.


Zeus Graham

Toy Durability Analyst


Zeus is our corporate snuggle master.  He loves treats, toys and people.

Our Team Banner.jpg


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