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Envirolok is a fully-engineered geobag system designed to permanently stabilize slopes, waterways and shorelines. Envirolok combines the engineered strength of soil with the principles of plant ecology to deliver a sustainable, vegetative solution that will stand the test of time. Unlike concrete, wood and stone walls, Envirolok’s resilience grows as the roots create a binding matrix through the bags and into the native soils behind.

From slope stabilization and erosion control to streambank and stormwater channels, Envirolok’s flexibility allows make it the perfect solution for project at any scale.

What Is Envirolok Page Top Banner.jpg


The non-woven geotextile bags permanently encapsulate soil for maximum stability and erosion control. Envirolok’s unique connection system provides shear strength and provides a simple connection for geogrid or anchors, allowing Envirolok to be installed in the challenging waterways and slopes up to 50’ tall. 

Envirolok is designed for quick, easy installation. Simply set the bags, compact, install the spikes and repeat.  Vegetate as you go, or after installation is finished.  No extensive footings or drainage systems are required for most applications. 

We back our product with a 120-year longevity statement, and you can rest assured that Envirolok will stand the test of time. 



Envirolok is sold as a unit

Each unit includes:

  • One bag

  • One uv-resistant closure tie

  • Two spikes.

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  • Our tan bags are made from a non-woven geotextile material for a permanent, low maintenance application.  Envirolok is strong enough to support thousands of pounds of pressure while permeable enough to allow roots to grow through.

  • Once filled, the bags are easily contoured around existing conditions to make installation easy.

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Envirolok’s spike system provides shear strength and make the system compatible with advanced reinforcement techniques, such as geogrid and earth/rock anchoring systems. The spikes are constructed with high-impact polystyrene to create a lightweight and durable connection. The “open washer” design provides a strong connection and does not impede root growth like traditional connecting plate systems.