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Vegetation plays a key role in the strength and beauty of the Envirolok geotextile soil bag system. Our soil bag and vegetated green wall system is designed with the user in mind and allow for a variety of vegetation applications to fit your unique site conditions, budget and aesthetic.  Whether you rely on native plantings or utilize more traditional ornamental landscape plants, the result is a lush green slope that will stand the test of time.


Envirolok installation being hydroseeded.

Hydroseed/Slurry Mix

Seed Mixes are best applied through a hydroseed application which actively mixes the seed with a mixture of water, tackifier and mulch.  Hydroseeding is best suited as a budget friendly application for large projects but can be applied by hand for small project applications.  Combine with live plantings for a quick, lush green solution.

Live Plantings

Plant plugs, ground cover or live stakes can be placed in-between the bags for vegetation.  Live planting is a versatile method and can be completed as courses are constructed or after project completion.  Simply place the plants between the geotextile soil bag and water.  Live planting are perfect for small projects, shady sites and waterways where hydroseed could wash away.  Live plantings give you creative control to decide what plants go where.

Native vegetated mat installed on top of Envirolok.

Native Vegetated Mat

Native Vegetated Mat (NVM) is a pre-vegetated mat with deep rooting native species grown by our sister company, Agrecol Native Plant Nursery.  NVM is the best choice for projects where an instant, low maintenance green is desired. In addition to the established plants in the mat, there is a lush bank of seeds in the soil core that will begin to grow the following season, bring more diversity, color and strength. NVM can also be used for gentle slopes, swales and infiltration gardens.  Find out more about NVM availability and types here.

Sedum Mat/Sod

Looking for a low-growing coverage that will be fully vegetated upon completion? Sedum mats and sod offer a clean, low-growing manicured look that is simple to maintain. Sedum mats provide an attractive, colorful option that is semi-evergreen to evergreen in most climates.  Sedum is a great choice for focal feature walls. For fine textured instant green, sod is quick and easy and is available in native and ornamental species that need little watering and care. Envirolok's soil bag vegetated green walls have become the industry standard.

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