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App - Slopes

Traditional erosion control products only address surface failure and are limited in their ability to stabilize steep slopes.  Envirolok works with mother nature to remedy deep-seated failures, slumping and scouring. In addition to strength and stability, Envirolok offers a permanent, vegetative solution that is ideal for slopes and roadway embankment of any size or scale.


Envirolok’s flexibility makes it ideal for any scale of slope conditions, from small rolling hills to  slopes over 50’ tall. Regardless of the project scale, our design and engineering team is ready to work with you to find a cost-effective solution that will stand the test of time.

embankments / culverts
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App - Waterways

Water is our most important resource. Shorelines, riverbanks and stormwater features play a critical role in waterway quality, usability and habitat. If not properly managed, erosion and sedimentation can be costly and result in lost real estate.


As an engineered and ecologically advanced system, Envirolok provides permanent vegetated solutions for various applications at any scale. Envirolok's ability to be used in any place where land meets water provides flexibility for almost any application. 

Stream & Riverbank Restoration

Traditional bank restoration practices focus either on hard armoring or bioengineered solutions. Envirolok combines the best principles of these practices to provide a permanent vegetative solution. Envirolok permanently encapsulates the soil, reducing sediment loss while providing ideal growing conditions for riparian vegetation. Envirolok is fully-engineered to strengthen banks while improving aquatic and terrestrial habitats. As vegetation establishes on the system, runoff is filtered, improving the health of our waterways.


In addition to large-scale riverbank experience, such as the Chicago, French Broad, and Columbia Rivers, Envirolok has a proven track record of success along small scale rivers and streams worldwide.

Swales, Stormwater & Stream Channels

Stormwater management solutions can be designed to contain surface water flow effectively while slowing water and allowing sediment to drop out before reaching waterways. Envirolok's engineered bag-fill provides strength and stability while still allowing the water to infiltrate into the soil. As vegetation establishes on the system, rainwater runoff is further filtered by plant roots and shoots while quickly absorbing into the soil, further reducing the risk of flash flooding.


Envirolok's ability to be used in wet or dry conditions provides flexibility for almost any application. Whether you are working on culvert/endwell protection, reinforcing swales or drainage channels, steep slopes, or vegetative weirs, Envirolok can maximize BMP's within a small construction footprint.