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Featured Projects

The California House

Nestled along a wooded shoreline of a gentle lake, the California House blends modern architecture and nature to create a truly unique environment. 


By sculpting the architecture to fit the land, the owners could take advantage of the profound views and vistas off the forested shoreline. In considering alternatives to reinforce and stabilize the steep shoreline, the owners wanted a product that would provide a soft, natural look rather than the hard armor of concrete and steel traditionally used on waterways. Concrete mats or extensive block walls required the removal of the existing trees along the shoreline. Brad Tork, the owner of Progressive Lawn Care, suggested the use of Envirolok as a permanent vegetative solution that would provide the desired natural aesthetic without destroying the existing mature trees.

Upon completing the installation in the summer of 2018, the Envirolok units were covered with a custom grown native vegetative mat featuring a mixture of low meadow grasses and wildflowers.

West Fork Kenney Run

After years of large storm events and continuous sedimentation, the existing drainage channel in Golden, Colorado, lost its aesthetic appeal and was no longer functioning to move water and reduce flooding.


Through collaboration with Envirolok West, the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District of Colorado, they developed a solution that would handle the storm events, limit sedimentation, and create a new focal feature for the residential neighborhood. Construction began on the project in the spring of 2016. The Envirolok units were used to sculpt the waterway and provide a permanent vegetative solution for the channel.


Due to Envirolok’s structural capabilities, the drainage channel would now be able to withstand heavy flash flooding events.


Since the soil is encapsulated in the units and held tightly through the matrix of native plant roots, erosion and sedimentation are no longer an issue. Since the installation, the project has held strong, providing the sustainable and aesthetic solution as designed.

West Fork Kenny Run Envirolok Project
Glenorchy Trail Envirolok Project

Glenorchy Trail

Due to Sixteen Mile Creek's scouring action, the subsurface clay shale of this steep slope was quickly eroding and no longer stable. 


Town officials were concerned about this section of their well-used trail system failing. Envirolok was able to conform to the slope's natural contours easily, and a crane was utilized to access the slope from across the creek. A mixture of geogrid and earth anchors was used to increase stability and shear strength along such a steep slope. Through a mix of hydroseeding and live stakes of dogwood and willow, the vegetation flourished and added further strength and support to the system.


The Envirolok system successfully stabilized the slope and established a habitat along a sensitive area for the Glenorchy Conservation Area.

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