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Slopes, shorelines, waterways and vegetative walls provide restorative environments and have a calming effect on the place we call home. These land features are constantly changing due to forces of nature, climate change and human influence, all contributing to erosion, loss of land and declining property values. 


Envirolok is a simple and cost-effective solution that will permanently protect and beautify your outdoor space.

​Advantages for Homeowners

  • Protect useable space or real estate

  • Increase Property Value, Beauty and Permanency

  • Eliminate the need for permitting*

  • Transition Slopes without impervious surface

  • Long-term, aesthetic, strengthens with age

  • Low Maintenance, less drainage

  • More Envirolok Advantages

Before & After Installation

[homeowner TESTIMONIAL...]

How We Help

  • Connect with qualified Contractors

  • Design

  • Engineering

Questions about a project?

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