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Hydroseeding Tips

Hydroseeding is a great method for vegetating the Envirolok system. Hydroseeding allows you to cover a large area very quickly and can either be done by hand or machine. By hydroseeding, you can incorporate different seed mixes that will allow you to have maximum species diversity for your specific project. There are a few simple and easy tips and tricks to hydroseeding that will help ensure successful vegetation.

Tip #1: Water the Envirolok System First

To get your seeds off on the right foot, you are going to want to water the entire Envirolok system BEFORE you hydroseed. This is important because you do not want to water immediately after hydroseeding. You risk washing away seeds before the spray has had time to settle and dry.

Tip #2: Up the Seed Count

To ensure proper coverage and thick, full vegetation on the first attempt, it is important to bump up the seed count at least 3-4x the recommended amount. This provides ample seed coverage and gives your project the best success rate on the first try. It is important to select complimentary seed mixtures to match the sun exposure, and local habitat to have the highest success rate.

Tip #3: Ensure Proper Tackifier

It is very important to make sure you have the proper tackifier before you start hydroseeding. You need to make sure that the tackifier helps the seeds stick to the bag while they are beginning to grow. Having a proper tackifier can make the difference between successful vegetation and one that needs to be re-seeded.

Tip #4: Run Agitator during Application

When applying the hydroseed it is important to make sure that the seeds are not settling out during application.

· If applying by hand, be sure to constantly mix the hydroseed as you apply it. That way certain seeds do not settle to the bottom and you get an uneven distribution on plants.

· If applying by machine, make sure to run the agitator the entire time that you are applying the seed. This will help you have an even distribution of species throughout the hydroseed application.

Tip #5: Be Careful Watering

Once the hydroseed has been applied, you need to water the system with a mild water setting. If you water the system with a high-pressure hose, you will blast the seed clean off the bags and you will have to redo the hydroseed.

Tip #6: Erosion Control Blanket?

Depending on the site drainage, location, and time of year, you might have to put a light erosion control blanket over the top to ensure that the seeds are not washed away, or animals do not bother the hydroseed application.

Tip #7: Do Not Burn Vegetation

Do not burn any native vegetation that grows on the Envirolok system. The bags are flammable.

To learn more about vegetation options and installation, check out our Vegetating the Envirolok System Video.

If you have any questions about hydroseeding, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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