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Sod/Sedum Mat Tips

Many people choose to use the Sod or Sedum mats because it gives them a finished look upon installation. These mats create a clean, manicured look that is easy to maintain over time. It is important to note several tips when using sod/sedum Mats.

Tip #1: Place Soil Over the Bags

Once the Envirolok bags are in place, you will want to cover them with soil before installing the sod or sedum mat. You do not want any air pockets or hollow spaces underneath the because it will dry out the roots. By placing soil over the bags, you eliminate those gaps and give the roots a better chance of developing through the bags.

Tip #2: Water Before Install

Before you install, water the entire system and the soil to ensure that it will be moist for the sod or sedum. Help your plants start off on the right foot by watering everything before installation.

Tip #3: Watering After Installation

Make sure to water frequently after installation. Monitor plant health during this time for signs of drying out, especially during times of extreme weather or drought.

Tip #4: Do Not Burn Vegetation

Do not burn any vegetation that grows on the Envirolok system. The bags are flammable.

To learn more about vegetation options and installation, check out our Vegetating the Envirolok System Video.


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