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Slope Stabilization


Private Home Owner

Geogrid Layering
Earth Anchors

Plant Plugs

Dixon Shoreline Landscaping


+ Project Snapshot

This lakefront resident had a steep un-vegetated slope that was eroding into the lake with every rain event. Record high lake levels combined with wave action eroded the base of the hillside causing severe hillside instability. During excessive rains, the hillside slipped down the slope, hitting the steel guard railing and bending the structure.  The hillside slip exposed the outlook platform’s supporting post and its concrete footing, making the outlook platform very unstable. There is an ancient Eagle Indian Effigy Mound at the top of the slope that was being threatened by this erosion. The residence owner was concerned with preserving the slope, the overlook platform, stairway, and the Indian Effigy Mound. Envirolok created the opportunity to stabilize the slope, promote vegetation, and protect the existing structures from further damage. Due to the steepness of the slope, a combination of geogrid and earth anchors was used to create maximum stability and support. After construction, the retaining wall was vegetated with native species via plant plugs and hydroseeding.  

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