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Private Homeowner

Geogrid Wrapping

Plant Plugs
Live Stakes & Hydroseed

North West Hydro-Mulchers

Robert Race, P.E.
Envirolok Consulting Engineer


+ Project Snapshot

During a high flooding event, the riverbank beneath this home began to collapse and wash away. This needed to be stabilized as soon as possible and required a fully engineered, stable solution that would prevent this from happening in the future. Envirolok was chosen because it could provide the solution needed and permits were received within 10 days of the incident. For construction, they cut into the existing bank above the water's edge and placed a hard armor of large boulders and rootwads to help absorb and deflect incoming energy from the river. This stabilized the toe of the slope and the Envirolok units were built up the slope. Geogrid was wrapped around the Envirolok bags and embedded into the riverbank to provide sheer strength. The entire slope was then planted with over 800 native plant stakes, plugs, and hydroseeded to create dense vegetation that would further bind the system to the parent material. Envirolok was able to stabilize the slope, prevent further erosion, and was a quick easy solution to a disastrous event.  

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